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There’s a natural rhythm and flow to life. It’s like a piece of music, with each individual person composed of notes and beats that form a unique song. The challenge is not only finding the right flow but also figuring out a way to maintain it. Life as a Mix Master offers a truly creative experience by helping you appreciate each song and the transitional moments that make up your personal soundtrack.

Life is not linear, and neither is this text. With this helpf
ul guide, you become the mix master of your own journey. To help you discover your “flow,” the book presents a myriad of scenarios incorporating popular song lyrics. Each situation, choice, and consequence is defined by you and leads to the next stage of your transformation. Whether your problems are personal or professional, underlying emotions and deep desires are revealed and examined.

Focus your energy in ways that are both calming and empowering. Follow the seven main energy centers—chakras—of the body to connect with your flow and life’s music. Deepen your base, strengthen your passion, and express your truth as it relates to your own personal choices and the people surrounding you.

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