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Strategic Advisory, Leadership Coaching

Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee will be presenting at the following upcoming events:

2/20-2/23 Workshop co-presenter @ AshokaU Exchange in San Diego



Mindful Changemaking: Experiential practices to shift from EGO to ECO

  • Shift from an EGO to ECO framework for mindful changemaking
  • Practice systems-thinking & mindfulness to reduce stress
  • Use mental models to prevent overwhelm & burn out

3/14-3/20 New Contemplative Initiative @ Spiritual Directors International


Seeking Connection - Across Generations - Bellevue, WA, USA, March 14-17, 2019

  • Listen, dialogue, co-create in a contemplative community. 
  • Learn from other generations & traditions. 
  • Witness wisdom. 
  • Be spiritually replenished.

6/8-6/10 Contemplative Space Co-curator @ Mystic Soul 


At the center of ourselves, at the seat of our souls, in the radical - most rooted part of ourselves, we are meant to be whole. In this, our second annual Mystic Soul Conference we will engage with the vision of "RADICAL WHOLENESS" as our own deepest truth and the intention we all seek to live into and return to, over and over again. 

The Mystic Soul Project, a nonprofit whose aim is to center People of Color (POC) at the intersections of contemplative (mystical) spirituality, activism and healing we engage again with those themes as a national and international community as we conference together again.

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